Sunday, 16 September 2012

NERRUS KOR-"Frenzied, Savage, Inhumane"


This is a review of Scottish death metal band Nerrus Kor, I only got this the other day so have blasted it out a fair bit to get the feel of it, and very glad I am that I got a chance to review it. Four tracks of shit hot death metal from a band who are as tight as a gnats fud and that very tight indeed! The e.p. kicks off with "The Unamed" this doesn't let up at all, four class tracks of a very heavy evil sounding death metal We are pretty lucky in Scotland at the moment as there are a good few very decent death metal bands coming from our wee country and Nerrus Kor are no exception, very good band indeed. "Frozen in Fear" is the next track and it just carries on battering the ears with another good blast of metal. "Indoctrination" is the third track and possibly my favourite but in fairness all four tracks are cracking stuff, "Carthage" finish of this e.p. which is available on i-tunes at the moment but will be made available as a physical release later this year, one I would certainly like to get my mitts on for my collection. This is a band who have had problems in the past, notably getting a permanent drummer which is a shame as they deserve a steady line-up to take this out to the masses. As I have said they are very tight with some great guitar work on this e.p. from Graham, more than ably backed by bass player Callum and some great deep growly death vocals from Neil. All in all a really good release from a really good band that deserve your support, support the local scene as it's the lifeblood!!


Sunday, 8 April 2012


Here is an interview with another band from Lahore Keeray Makoray.

1. A bit of background about the band,Who is in it,Date formed etc.?
Well..Me (Misbah) and Altamash started the band. I had been playing with Takatak, an underground heavy metal band for quite some time when i was asked by shahmeel, the drummer, to play a gig for their band saya (composed of altamash on vocals and guitars, shahryar baig on bass and Shahmeel on drums). I wanted to do something besides heavy metal so i decided to go along and play. The gig was a Beatles tribute night at LGS and it was sometime when we were jamming for the gig that me and Altamash were travelling in a rickshaw thinking of a band name (Because the previous one sucked) and we decided to call ourselves keeray makoray for it was closest we could get to an urdu translation of the Beatles. The gig was in November 2011 and that is the month in which the band was formed.

2.How easy or how hard it is to be a rock/metal band in Pakistan?
Its definitely not easy being a rock band in Pakistan because you usually have a really limited following. Unless rock music, or any kind of music for that matter, is performed in urdu, the music never appeals to the masses which is quite understandable. Its also fun in a way because those who do follow your music tend to be hardcore fans whose encouragement is what keeps the band going, but to make it big in Pakistan one has to sing in the native language and that is what we plan to do in the future.

3. Do you have any Cd's etc out yet? Any planned? and if so how hard was it to get a record deal or are you D.I.Y.?
Right now were completely D.I.Y. Pakistan is not the kind of country where bands are approached by record label agents with money making offers at hand. In our country even established artists have troubles with record labels that in most cases reserve the right to all the music that the artist composes. So underground bands who have any idea of how the music industry here works would take the much more safer D.I.Y route. So yeah, we are planning to release an album, we have most of the material ready and all the production is done by ourselves in my room. 

4.Do you gig much or is it difficult to get gigs in Pakistan or is there a decent enough scene to be able to do this.
I would say there is a decent enough scene in Pakistan. Small gigs are frequently taking place in Lahore at venues such as guitar school, Peeru's cafe and the newly formed true brew records. Large gigs are however not so common mainly due to the political situation in the country. In many cases, huge gigs have been cancelled due to a bomb threat or political instability in the country.

5. Where do you think this band will take you? do you think it is possible to travel outwith Pakistan with your music?
As i mentioned before, for a band to make it become it big in Pakistan it is vital for the band to sing in its native language to appeal to the masses. It is only when a band makes it big on its home country, that it is able to travel out. In our case there are a few hundred fans who support our music and the only means we have of reaching fans across the globe is through Internet. So unless we have a huge fan base in Pakistan i don't think we could get out.

6.Who are you influenced by musically?
Pink Floyd, Opeth, Tool, Porcupine tree, Iron Maiden and Junoon and ali azmat...its a never ending list. Altamash is a HUGE iron maiden fan bringing in the maiden feel in the band.

7. Is equipment easy or hard to come by in Pakistan?
To get the right equipment one needs to know the right places. There is a huge influx of fake material sold by fake retailers with fake faces all over Pakistan but if you know what you're looking for and you want what you are looking for, you would most certainly find it. Of course we don't have guitar centres at every corner but that's just something we all have to get over sometime and accept that we live in a third world country.

Syed Misbah Uddin
Many thanks for the interview and keep your eyes open for this band.

TAKATAK Interview

 Here is an interview with Pakistani band Takatak, it's great to hear about bands from all around the world, and hopefully a wee bit more interest will be taken of the scene out there.

1. First of all a bit of background info,When were you formed,who plays in the band etc.
 Well. Me, Yusuf and Misbah met at Lacas during our a levels. We were looking for a drummer at the time and after jamming with Yusuf once we knew he was our guy. Plus we became fast friends so everything worked out. We heard Daud, Yusuf's younger brother and we were like fuck we need him as well! Why have one drummer if we can have two awesome ones right? Those guys are drum monsters. Lethal players. We had heard Bhatty on the first Odyssey record and had heard him live as well and he blew us away. So it made sense for us to approach him. We played our first gig in a little coffee shop without much rehearsal and that was that. We were Takatak. Over the years we've had a major line up change. First Jamil left the band, who was replaced by Isa Najam, a very good friend of ours and an extremely talented musician (he's going to be coming out with music soon with his own band so watch out for that!). We parted ways with Misbah a few months back as he wasn't really into playing what we were playing. But that's cool. No one should be forced to play something they don't want to. We're forming a side project with him in the very near future and are going to write songs for that. He's currently recording with his band Keeray Makoray. Everyone should go check that out! He's by far one of the best lead guitarists I've seen come out of the lahori underground scene. He was replaced by Ibrahim Imdad, who used to play in Bhatty's previous band Ruin. He's tight as shit and extremely talented and the stuff we're coming up together is phenomenal. I'm really excited.

2. Influences in both music and life?
 All of us together listen to a wide plethora of music, primarily based in Metal but then everyone has different things that they listen to individually. We're big Lamb Of God fans, as everyone knows. We're big into Gojira, Machine Head, Tool, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Mastodon. Dave Mathews Band is pretty cool. I don't know. What we listen to is all over the place. Pink Floyd. The Police. I find it hard listing down bands.
 3.Pakistan, What is the metal scene like there? How easy is it to get gigs and your music out?
 The metal scene in Pakistan is pretty small. Everyone knows everybody. We have a few bands in Lahore, few bands in Islamabad that we've played with. As far as gigs are concerned there are dry spells and ... wet spells? We could have 5-6 gigs a month and then none for 3 months. Depends on the time of year as well. Hahaha. Gig season. We've been getting lots of gigs recently. But sometimes promoters don't do their homework and book a metal act for a family carnival for example and that's when things get awkward. The internet has been extremely helpful with getting our music out there. Facebook and reverbnation help a lot.

 4. What other bands would you suggest our readers to check out?
 Keeray Makoray, Odyssey, Dementia, Poor Rich Boy and I.S.I.

5. Who writes your material and where do you get your inspiration for musical themes and titles?

 For a long time I'd sit and write stuff at home and bring it to Yusuf and Daud and then they'd figure out what's going on with the song and then add to that. The process is really fun for me because sometimes they'll flip one of my guitar parts and the feel will just completely shift. Isa also brings in ideas for songs. Some songs I'll have full written which I'll give to Isa and he'll figure the bass parts out. Ibzi has come into the band with so much material that we're working on as well. Its usually him adding to my stuff and me adding to his stuff and then making it work together.

6. Where do you think this endeavour will take you,beyond Pakistan or not?
 Well we hope this does take us abroad. We're hoping to release our album on iTunes through Afterwind Records. So hopefully that'll get us some international attention!

7..Any music releases out by you guys that people can check out?
 Two of our single's are available at entitled 'Walls They Collapse' and 'Breakdown'.

8.Why metal? What do you think it is about metal that is able to translate itself worldwide despite cultural geographical differences?
 Why do people like metal? Its fast, heavy, aggressive music and some people like that! We do and that's why we play it. Metal transcends language boundaries because its more about the feel than the words themselves. Metal moves you emotionally and most importantly physically. Its very tribal. That could be it.

9. Anything you would like to add?

Well cheers for the interview and do check them out on facebook and reverbnation, give them your support!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Check out my other pages which I have set up for my distro.  I have decided to split it into two parts, the original Highland Punk distro for punk rock and a new off-shoot  Northern Waste Distro, which is going to be for all genres of metal including grindcore. It will be updated as stuff is sold out and added so keep your eyes peeled!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Another cracking tape release arrived recently into my mitts, this one from U.S.A. label DIY Noise. Not a label I have come across before but and I am mighty glad I know them now, loads of good stuff been done on this label, I really must check more of his stuff out. Anyway what I got here was a fluorescent pink tape that really stands out and also two band ripping the fuck up!
First band is one man grind band from Scotland Corrupt Humanity, eight tracks of raw grindcore with some really shit hot guitar work on it. Songs are on the short, fast furious side and are all very decent indeed. The playing is mighty fine and really rattle along, I love one man bands whether they be grind or death metal, there is just something about the one man band scene that just connects with me. Anyway eight cracking tracks with my faves being  "Force Fed Lies" and "Blind Faith" but all good stuff,not a disappointment among them!
Shangkuan Lingfeng are four grind bastardos from Indonesia and are as raw as fuck, with a real punky feel to them, their side rattles along in no time at all and is a goodie too, no baddies on here either all class grindcore, my faves being "Filth" and "R.O.A.D" but again no baddie here all good stuff.
Well this was a well decent purchase two good grind bands that are both worth checking out and I hope to hear more material from both band really soon. If you are a grindcore band get this tape!!

Monday, 6 February 2012


This is the second release from Sacrificial Tapes and another cracking tape it is too! This one is an eight track demo tape from Swedish band Crypt of the Zombilord, a D-beat,grindcore, crust punk sort of band! Eight tracks of pure heavy as fuck punk/grind that leave you wanting more. A set up of guitar, bass and drums with a dual vocal assault, one screaming the other pure growls from the pits of hell!! Right from the opening track "Okazaki Fragments" it's an all out aural assault. The music is heavy, fast and the songs are short and to the point. My personal faves are "Government Shit" sums it up nicely and "Into the Crypt" but all eight tracks are top notch. The band are one to look out for and I will definately be checking them out again.
Another great release from Sacrificial Tapes, a label that is beginning to build up a great roster of bands and releases, more please!!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

HAPPY SPASTICS, THE SIGNAL- Market Bar, Inverness, 14-01-12

upcoming gig by
Well this was one gig I was looking forward to as soon as I heard it was announced, two cracking bands at one of the best venues in Inverness, so off I toddled up to the big city to catch it, and boy I was not disappointed! I arrived in Inverness fairly early so it gave me a chance to get a few pints down my throat and a bit of chit chat which is always good. The Signal were first up, I have seen this band a good few times and they never,ever let you down but tonight was a bit different. This was without doubt the best I have ever seen this crew, they were absolutely brilliant! The new line-up is by the far the best so far, Nikki and Dave the always present front woman and drummer were as good as always, Nikki is all power and aggression and Dave is a mighty fine drummer, Sheree on guitar is a class act, she really is top notch and Lewis on bass is a great addition too, he really does a fine job. They hurtled through their set playing all the faves, "Tesco Inferno", "Wanker Banker" etc plus some new stuff too and it was all over far too soon, a really good set from Inverness's finest!!
A wee bit of an interlude and some more cider before Edinburgh's finest The Happy Spastics hit the stage, when  I first heard they were coming up to play I was well chuffed, a band I really wanted to see and now was the time to see them! Kicking of with "Hee Haw" the pace never relented, and absolute first class showing of pure punk rock as it should be played, the band were as tight as fuck and the crowd really got into  it. The whole set blasted along at a cracking pace and was over way too soon, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and then to end it we got "Tube Disasters" complete with "Neu Smell" intro which Jon Bones dedicated to all the old punks,which obviously was not me as I am just a young twat! They got a deserved encore and as it was ending I had to shoot of to get my lift home to McGibbon Towers, so a quick shift for me!
This was pure punk rock at it's finest, a great chance to see two top bands both at the top of their game, and it was a great treat indeed. Cheers go to the Elgin crew that made it through and a pretty good crowd in general and here's hoping it wont be long before I see them both again, I really hope to make it down to Edinburgh this year to catch some gigs so you never know!!